Wild Boar


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Wild Boar is the ancestor of the domestic big but its meat is richer, leaner and stronger tasting than pork. It can be found in Europe, Asia, North Africa and North America.

Young animals have a delicate flavour but this strengthens in gaminess with age. Considered at their best at around six months (called a marcassin in France), boar can be cooked the same as pork or vennison although it contains a lot less fat than domestic pigs. Older animals are best marinaded in red wine and seasonings of your choice such as lemons, peppers, onions, from two to eight hours and slow cooked in a stew or civet. If you are roasting a young animal cover with fat (bard) and baste frequently.

Wils boar are in season in Autumn but thjis may vary depending on the country.

Dishes include stuffed and roast with chestnuts, barbecued rib with honey and vinegar, braised should with juniper.