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Could anyone suggest any good POS systems to use in a restaurant?
Thank You

There are a couple systems that I have used that I recommend. Depending on whether you are looking for management reports or servers ease at order entry will determine your end product. I think Squirrel is great for reports and the ability to edit the information for order entry, menu modifiers and menu changes. The downside is the use of a card for the servers. The cards get lost and they are costly. I am not sure if there have been changes to their card system lately. Touchscreens are the easiest for servers to work on in a fast paced environment. Aloha is a low cost touchsceen that many servers have enjoyed working with, however, I have not personally worked with the system itself.
Decide what your end information is and what reports are most important to you. From that information you can find out what systems are set in stone and which systems are able to conform to your needs.
As with any computer system, it is important to set it up correctly in the beginning, to avoid the pitfalls during daily operations. With any menu change, the computer needs to be updated and maintained on a daily basis.
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I recently purchased a new POS system for a small restaurant in Texas. I met with just about every company and decided on POSitouch. It is similar to Aloha in that it is very user friendly but the main difference is that they do not force you to purchase their upgrades, Aloha does. POSitouch gives them to you. I suggest that you meet with Micros, Squirrel, Comus, Aloha, and Positouch to see what meets your needs the best. Ask about their maintenance contracts, emergency response, redundancy, interfaces (some can interface to your accounting programs), how many hours of training they give you, if they are present when you go live (first day you use system), what reports they give you, and their upgrade charges. Look for check splitting, position number assignment, user-friendly menus, your screen design/programming options, number of comps or delete options, and the level of security you can assign each staff member. Also, everyone I met with was negotiable on their price. You can supply your own printer.
Please write me with any questions or if you need a contact in your area for POSitouch.
Good Luck!
Maha Jeha - MezzaMed@aol.com
Mezza Mediterranean

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One other thing that needs to be emphasized with POS systems is that the introduction of them into an existing operation needs to be handled tactfully--the people who are most responsible for entering accurate information need to be given some time to practice--also, depending on which type of system you choose--that is do the waitstaff act as their own bank, making change from a beginning cash bank, or are the check outs done by a cashier--don't for heaven sake, make them take on additional tasks at the same time that the transition is occurring. A chain of coffee shop/diner establishments of national prominence recently changed over in our local area--at the same time that the pos was going in, the waitstaff then also became responsible for their own busing, salad/soup set up/presentation and delivery, without a commensurate decrease in the number of tables to be served. To say service AND morale went into the newly redesigned toilets is an understatement. As a frequent customer--I decided to go to the competition until the problems either resolve themselves or they take a look at what their cost cutting plan is really costing them.

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The ONLY system to buy is Aloha. I have worked on TEC (good), NCR (bad), Remanco (really bad), Micros (so-so), and Sierra (neurotic). Aloha is far and away the best, most organized machine I have ever used

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I work for System3 POS and came across your website while doing a web search.  Is it possible to get our POS software added to your list of available software packages?
We currently have 2500 installations spread over 10 different countries covering the gambit from fine dining to pizza delivery.
System3 POS
880 Ouellette Ave, S401
Windsor, ON
Thank you for your time.
Aaron Demers
System3 POS Canada Inc.
PH:  519.252.5521
Fax: 519.252.5518

Hear are some customer testimonials:

I am writing this letter as a follow-up to our System 3 installation in Oct. 1997. Prior to System3 P.O.S. we were operating on a cash register basis only. This new system has provided us with many advantages. Improved efficiency, tighter controls, better record keeping and overall a much more professional approach to our food and beverage customers.
I would also like to comment on the service your firm has provided during this critical implementation stage. From installment and staff training initially, to support and follow-up, you and your staff have provided us the security and peace of mind, which is critical to such a transition. Your company insured our success with System 3 and for that we are most grateful.
We look forward to working with you as our business grows and adapts to future needs.
Paul Noonan
La Place Rendezvous

The program is everything we hoped it would be and more! The staff say it is much, much better then our old program .Faster and easier to use. For the first time(since we opened) I feel that I have control in my own restaurant.
All the answers are right there at my finger tips. I thought computerized POS was something to fear, you have made it a snap! Thank you very much for

your support and assistance. We wish you and your staff nothing but the best. Please feel free to use us as a reference. Donna, from the Airport Inn, is coming tonight to see the program in action and then will contact your West Coast distributor if she likes it (I know she will).
Thanks again.
Lorna & Joe Kersey
Smuggler's Cove, Port Hardy B.C.

“My relationship with System3 POS began in 1997 when I started looking for, and trying POS systems. After researching and testing several other leading systems, System 3 was an excellent fit for my take-out and dine-in pizza operation. Over the next two and half years I have enjoyed and benefited from continuous, system improvements since the day I went live. System3’s support team has been excellent and since I had no experience with computers to begin with, their patience and knowledge was invaluable.
After trying other systems, and settling on System 3, in the fall of 1997 we went live. The cost of installing the system was returned in 6 months. In addition, I now have ready access to management information. I found another location that was already established and running and purchased it in September 1998. I called on System3 software immediately and the transition was even smoother than the first. System3 is so easy to use! My servers were never afraid of it. This helped immeasurably with employee’s attitudes involving the change from a manual to computer system.
I could go on and say so much more. Do yourself a favor, do your restaurant a favor, and give it a try.”
John Orin,
General Manager
Roma’s Pizza
Flint, Michigan
Roma’s Back Door
Owaso. Michigan