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Spinach Smoothie
Power Punch
Cocktail O'Sullivan
Noodle Bar ideas

Carrot Apple Juice
Kale & Banana Smoothie

Carrot Apple Juice
6 carrots
2 golden delicious apples
Juice in the order listed.

2 servings.

1 Lemon (without peel or use citrus juicer)
1 1/4 of a Medium Sized Watermelon
Blueberry Smoothie
100g/5 oz. Blueberries Fresh or Frozen
2 Bananas
2 cups of Ice
1 Cup of filtered water

Kale & Banana Smoothie
2 Bananas
1 Table Spoon of Tahini
1 Kale Leave (without stems)

2-3 Cups of Ice
2-3 Mint Leaves (optional)

Blend till smooth and creamy.
You should not be able to see any small parts of the kale.

Fresh mixed greens will work as well.

5-6 Carrots
1 Beet
3 Large Tomatoes
1 bunch Spinach
1/8 Cabbage
Kale leaves
1 Red Bell-Pepper
1 stalk Celery
1/4 sweet Onion
1/2 clove Garlic
(add chili pepper and salt if
Spinach Smoothie
2 handfuls Spinach
1 bunch Wheat Grass
5-6 Carrots
1 stalk Celery
Power Punch
6 Leaves Sorrel
2 Large Braeburn Apples cored and unpeeled cut into quarters
1 Peeled Lime
1 Sprig Mint with Stems
A small bunch of Parsley
Take this on an empty stomach.
Don't eat or drink anything else for half
an hour.
Any dessert apple can be substituted.
Cocktail O'Sullivan
1 Carrot
1 Orange
1/2 apple (red)
1" Cucumber
1 Celery Stick
1/2 Red, Yellow or Orange pepper

These are from Wagamama (Japanese Noodle Bar)

Raw Juice
Carrot, cucumber, tomato, orange, apple

Fruit Juice
apple, orange & passion fruit

Carrot juice
Carrot with a dash of fresh ginger root