Cullen Skink           RECIPE           Number 1110  
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  Enter number of portions required: 8 Enter price per UNIT / LITRE / KG  
  Portions 4 MLS or GMS 2 MLS or GMS PRICE TOTAL COST  
  Butter g   50   100      
  Onion finely chopped   1   2        
  Milk (Full Cream) ml   1200   2400      
  Potatoes (Floury)     750   1500      
  Smoked Haddock g   450   900      
  Parsley chopped tbls 2   4        
  Ground black pepper                
  1 Melt butter add onion and sweat for a few minutes  
  2 Pour in milk and bring to the boil  
  3 Add diced potatoes and simmer until very soft (approx. 20 mins)  
  4 Add Smoked Haddock and simmer for 3-4mins  
  5 Carefully lift out the fish and allow to cool slightly  
  6 Crush some potato with a spoon to thicken the soup a bit  
  7 Remove skin and flake the haddock, taking care to remove any remaining bones  
  8 Season the soup and put the fish back in it.  
  9 Stir in the parsley and serve.  
  Iif possible use good quality undied smoked haddock - such as Finnan  
  Maris Piper or King Edward potaoes are good for this soup