Ultimate Bean Chilli  
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  Enter number of portions required: 4 Enter price per UNIT / LITRE / KG  
  Portions 2 MLS or GMS 2 MLS or GMS PRICE TOTAL COST  
  olive oil ml   50   100      
  chopped onion     100   200      
  de-seeded & chopped red pepper   100   200      
  carrots, diced     125   250      
  garlic clove, crushed   1   2        
  tinned tomatoes     200   400      
  green chilli, de-seeded & sliced   1   2        
  canned red kidney beans with liquid              
  cooked haricot or borlotti beans     100   200      
  cooked broad beans     100   200      
  chilli powder (optional) teaspoon 1   2        
  cumin powder teaspoon 2   4        
  fresh coriander / cilantro teaspoon 2   4        
  1 Heat oil in saucepan, put in onion, cover and cook for 2 minutes  
  2 Add red pepper, carrot to pan. Stir and cook for 5 minutes until slightly browned  
  3 Stir in tomatoes, garlic and bean liquid into mixture  
  4 Add chili and cumin powder and cook gently, uncovered, for 10 minutes or until the liquid thickens  
  5 Add beans and cook for a further 5 minutes to heat them through and soften slightly.  
  6 Season with salt and black pepper and add a pinch of chili powder to suit your taste  
  7 Garnish with fresh coriander  
  Serve with bread, mash, pasta, rice or potato wedges.  
  Epuy Lentils and or Chick pead can be added to this dish  
  Serve with some grated cheese on top!!