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3.5 Broad Comparison of the Hilton Hotel & the Gleneagles Hotels

In–House Training Programmes

3.5.1 Hilton Hotel Group

Spirit of HiltonTechnical Behaviour Skills (TBS) Training

Aim – To assess staff competency through Brand standards for staff delivery within 3 months


Multi-Skills Training

Training related to (TBS) training where staff have the opportunity to spend 3 months within each hotel department to gain the required level of competency


TBS National Vocational Qualification (NVQs) – Offered in Customer care, Food & Drink and Housekeeping

Offered to members of staff

Related to TBS training where each staff member of staff will be assessed 3 times on each specific topic related to brand standards as well as being questioned by an assessor













Training: Supervision in Action - Work based/Work book

Course requirement: Members of staff are in a supervisory position

Duration: 16 weeks

Programme: 10 modules & 1 project per module


  1. Superior supervising
  2. Getting organised – Time management
  3. All clear – Communication skills
  4. Dealing with difficult situations
  5. High standards – How to set SMART objectives
  • Training for high standards
  • Maintaining high standards
  • Putting back a little of what life takes out
  • Stay cool – Stress management
  • New horizons
  • 16 weeks required as some modules take longer than 1 week


    Training: Managing teams

    Duration: 3 day course – Followed by work based assignment


    Training: Managing your business

    Course requirement: Staff in management positions

    Duration: 18 months to complete through 2/3 day courses

    Modules: Course broken into sub sections as follows:

    1. Being effective & Managing performance
    2. Making an impact
    3. Managing relationships & equipment


    Training: Premier class & Ashridge

    Off the job training and certified externally



    Training: Trainee management programme

    Duration: 2 years

    Course requirement: 3rd level education preferably or experience in similar properties of 4 & 5 star classification

    Core Units: Revenue Based & Food & Beverage based


    • Each person has a mentor preferably of the same sex
    • Ground rules – Outlining the commitment expected of the trainee
    • Job description – Trainee manager roles & responsibilities

    Mentor – roles & responsibilities

    Procedures backing up each

    • Pre-department brief – before you go into department
    • Departmental debrief – on leaving department
    • Departmental Induction
    • Monthly mentor meeting
    • Appraisal
    • Review
    • Grievance procedure
    • Trainee management meetings – feedback on progress

    - Trainee input for improvements to the


    (Refer to Appendix 5 For Further information on In House training in the Hilton Hotel)








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    3.5.2 Training in the Gleneagles Hotel Scotland

    Induction Programme

    First three months staff will be trained and developed in the work place by qualified trainers and staff will attend a series of formal training sessions. At the end of the 3 month period team leaders will complete an impact review form which will help complete the training and development that staff require

    Training: Certificates of Excellence

    Duration: 3 Month period

    Aim: To understand what is expected in the job

    Evaluation: Through set questions which should be discussed with trainer

    Scottish Vocational Qualifications/ Tailored awards

    On completion trainees will be able to become registered with the Hospitality Awarding body/ Scottish Qualifications Authority and achieve a nationally recognised qualification while working at the Gleneagles.

    Management Development Programme

    • Programme covers all areas of the resort
    • At least four projects will be undertaken during the programme
    • There will be dedicated support to manage the programme
    • Training skills will develop management skills alongside the programme
    • Regular meetings/ guidance will check on progress
    • External industry experience will be available to gather an all round view on management





    Scotland’s Best

    This is a concept for everyone in business to adopt. Everyone should view themselves as customer service ambassadors for their business. Staff are an important part of the service industry even if some staff do not deal with customers directly. As service professionals Scotland’s Best can be used to really make a difference for the business and community and the customer

    Seminars Agenda


    • Welcome
    • Background to Scotland’s Best
    • Scotland’s Best philosophy
    • Expectations

    Unit 1: Giving Scotland’s Best

    • Perception is all there is
    • Personal touches and the total service experience
    • Everyone has a customer
    • Moments of truth
    • The total service experience
    • Trying it out
    • Action ideas

    Unit 2: Scotland’s Best Service Recovery

    • Encouraging customer feedback
    • Service recovery cycle
    • Scotland’s Best communication skills
    • Trying it out
    • Action ideas

    Unit 3: Scotland’s Best Attitude

    • Taking control
    • Hot buttons
    • Communication hoop
    • Maintaining Scotland’s Best Attitude
    • Action ideas

    Unit 4: Selling is service

    • Selling is service
    • Suggestive selling, upselling, gross selling
    • Handling rejection
    • Trying it out
    • Action ideas

    One last look:

    • Self assessment, Action contract, Commitment
    • Being part of Scotland’s Best team
    • Looking back on today
    • Feedback
    • Graduation

    Requests by staff for specialist training should be made to team leaders who in turn will notify the personnel & training department

    Industrial Placement Programme: Designed to combine a hands on learning process with other training methods which results in student receiving a complete work and educational experience. On successful completion students will be considered for the Gleneagles Sponsorship scheme and future consideration for the Management Training Scheme

    Three programmes:

    1. Food & Beverage Programme
    2. Housekeeping and Room Service Programme
    3. Culinary Programme

    Students participating in the above programmes will complete a five-day Hotel induction programme followed by the Certificate of Excellence. Students will also benefit from structured day release sessions giving them experience in Marketing, Sales, Front office, Accounts, Personnel and Training and Conference and Banqueting

    (Refer to Appendix 6 for further information on In House training in the Gleneagles Hotel)

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