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(serves 10 to 12)

8 lbs kid goat

1/4 c vegetable oil (to brown meat)

3 T salt

3/4 c flour

8 c beef/lamb stock

3 large tomatoes, peeled & diced

1 whole green bell pepper, sliced

3 large onions, sliced in rings & separated

10 medium to large garlic cloves, pressed

2 t ground cumin

1 1/2 t ground pepper

1 t dried oregano

Cut meat into 1/2" cubes. In a large pan or Dutch Oven heat 1/4 cup oil at medium high heat. Place meat and salt in heated oil and cook for a few minutes to brown add onions., stirring occasionally, add flour and brown slghtly and add stock (1 cup at a time)stirring constantly to make sauce. Add vegetables and spices to meat and mix well. Simmer at medium heat till meat and vegetables are tender.