Globe Artichokes

How to prepare and cook globe Artichokes whole

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1 1. Break and pull the stalk to remove any fibres,

Smaller Artichokes can be prepared by trimming the stem to 3cm (1 inch) and peeling it.

22. Trim the leaves with apair of scissors to remove the spiney ends
3 Cut off the top of the Artichoke with a knife
4. Boil the Artichokes in a pan of salted water making sure they are submerged - weigh down with a plate if necessary. Simmer for approx 35 minutesuntil a leaf from the centre can be pulled out quite easily. 4Drain upside down allowing to cool slightly.
55. Get a firm grip of the central cone of leaves and give it a firm twist to remove. Keep to one side.
6. Carefully scoop out the "furry" core with a small spoon and bin it.6 7. Put the cone of leaves you removed earlier back in the middle. This can be filled with a sauce or vinaigrette.7

Artichokes are usually eaten whole and the leaves pulled of one by one to nibble. This is a bit fiddly and the leaves need to be srcaped with the teeth as the whole leaf is to tough to eat - however I think its worth the effort.

The heart which lies beneath the hairy choke (flower) is the main edible portion and can be prepared separately. This is done by cutting or snapping off all the outer leaves and trimming eavenly. Note the artichoke will need to be rubbed with lemon juice to prevent it turning brown. Simmer the hearts in a blanc (see boiling) for 15 -20minutes then scoop out the furry choke, Hearts can be eaten as part of a Salad or Anti pasta dressed or mixed with pther ingredients.

Young artichokes, which are much smaller, can be eaten raw sliced or deep fried.

Serve cold with vinaigrette or mayonnaise or hot with hollandaise, melted butter or herb butter.