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Christmas PagesWe all love Christmas and want to achieve that perfect meal - with all the trimmings - here are some hints, recipes and ideas from

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Get Stuffed!

English Stuffing
a rich and tasty stuff
Chestnut Stuffing
a lighter version of the classic Christmas stuffing
Hazelnut Stuffing
a great alternative to chestnut, crunchy and works well with turkey

Sweet Tooth?

Mince Pies
a recipe with a lemon short paste and a viennese topping

Christmas Cake
fruit cake recipe
Christmas Pudding

great fruity recipe

Christmas Biscuits

shortbread and Ginger Breads

Tips on how to cook Turkey!
a few tips to improve your Christmas Bird!

Turkey prep

Tips on how to carve
a few tips to carve up a large bird!  

Roast Turkey

How to make gravy
real flavor not packet!