Prepare condiments & accompaniments
in Food and Drink Service
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This page explains:

Which Condiments and accompaniments to prepare

How to prepare them

Condiments and accompaniments

These include:

  • seasonings - salt and pepper (condiments), whole pepper and coarse sea salt (in mills to be freshly ground as required), cayenne pepper (e.g. with smoked salmon and trout) ground ginger (e.g. with melon)
  • sugars and sweeteners - white and brown sugar, coffee sugar crystals, and low-calorie sweeteners
  • prepared sauces and dressings - mustards (including French, German and English), ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, vinegar, oil, mayonnaise, vinaigrette and other salad dressings
  • prepared breads - rolls, Melba toast, bread sticks, croissants, pitta and other speciality breads.

  • Follow the instructions on the label for storing sauces, which have been opened. Some must be kept chilled.
  • Wipe clean the outside of the bottle and around the lip.
  • Wash the cap and top as necessary.

When not in use, keep sugar basins, marmalade and jams covered (with a lid or Clingfilm).

Place new stock of packaged sauces and dressings, jams and marmalades so that the older stock is used first. F.I.F.O. ……………. Check the date mark. Discard products, which have passed their b……-b……. or u.......-b…. dates and tell record in the wastage book & your manager so the loss is accounted for. To reduce wastage, keep stocks of slow-moving items to the minimum.



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Specialist items.

Asparagus tongs

Caviar knife

Gateaux slice

Dessert fork

Oyster fork

Dessert knife
Pastry knife/fork

Nut crackers

Grape scissors
Lobster pick

Lemon press
Butter knife
Grapefruit spoon

Snail dish
Ice cream spoon

Snail fork

Sundae spoon

Cheese knife

Snail tongs

Skewer (Kebabs)


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I . Oyster fork
2 . Grapefruit spoon
3. Steak knife
4. Corn-on-the-cob holders
5. Cheese knife
6. Fruit knife and fork
7. Pastry slice
8. Grape scissors and
9. Nutcrackers
10. Jam spoon
11 . Sundae spoon
12. Lobster crackers
13. Lobster pick
14 . Finger bowl
15. Caviar knife
16. Snail tongs
17 . Snail fork
18. Snail dish
1 9. Silver skewers
20. Pastry knife and fork
21. Shellfish cocktail holder

match dish to equipment above

• Round with two ears.

Has 6 indentations to hold a portion (6) of snails.
• Sweet trolley—serving portions of gateaux
• Cheese board
• To cut and hold a portion of grapes
• Dessert—fruit basket
• Preserves
• Grapefruit halves
• Ice-cream sweet in a tall glass
• To break the shell to gain access to meat
• Part of the make up of a cover to certain dishes, i.e. oysters, dessert, globe artichoke, etc.
• Dessert—fruit basket
• Shellfish cocktail/oysters
• To extract the snail from its shell.
• For attractive presentation of a Kebab.
• Corn-on-the-cob. One to pierce each end of the cob.
• Used in the service of afternoon teas.
• in which a shellfish cocktail would be presented.
• Grilled meats.
• To extract the flesh from the claw
• To hold the snail shell.
• Has a short broad blade used for spreading the caviar

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