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How To Make Gravy

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For classic unthickened gravy

  1. Pour any excess fat off the pan, sprinkle on a little salt
  2. Heat on the stove until the juices are reduced
  3. Pour off any further fat
  4. Pour in wine and or stock
    (white wine and white stock for white meat
    red wine and brown stock for red meat)
  5. Bring to boil and stir to remove sediment form base of pan
  6. Reduce by approx a third to concentrate flavor
  7. Strain and season to taste

To thicken gravy

  1. Leave 30g(1oz) of fat in pan and stir in two tablespoons of flour and cook for several minutes until the mixture starts to go browner
  2. Stir in wine and or stock and reduce until the gravy thicken
  3. Strain and season


  1. prepare unthickened gravy as above
  2. dilute a tablespoon or two of cornflour with cold water
  3. whisk in to gravy
  4. bring to boil, strain and season to taste

Tips: How to make better gravy

  • Add quarter cut onion and carrot to the roasting pan to add flavour an act as a trivet.
  • Add a little water to the pan to prevent the juices burning.
  • If the juices are not brown enough at the end of cooking, put the pan on the heat and reduce until caramelized.
  • Make a good stock orbroth (bouillon)

Whilst stock cubes are acceptable they can be salty - be careful when added salt depending on your taste


A simple broth is made from vegetables, bones, trimmings from the joint or from giblets if you can get them!

  1. Brown the bones and vegetables in the oven or in the pan
  2. add cold water or a diluted stock cube and water.
  3. Add some peppercorns and bayleaves and appropriate herbs
  4. Bring to the boil skimming to remove any scum or fat from the surface
  5. Boil for 2 hours