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Macédoine - A cut of vegetables 1/2cm (1/4 inch) dice or a mixture of fruit or vegetables. Video clip of Knife Skill - Dice

Marinade - A mixture used to enhance the flavor and/or tenderness of food.see for example Recipe

Marinate - To let meat or vegetables stand in a flavored liquid, usually acidic, for several hours and in some case days - to add flavor or to tenderize.

Meat thermometer - An instrument used to read the internal temperature of meat.

Merguez - A thin type of sausage made from beef and mutton, its red colour comes from red pepper seasoning. North African or Spanish in origin it can be fried or grilled and is commonly served with couscous.

Mignonette - Coarsley ground pepper.

Mince - To cut or chop in very fine pieces usually through a mincing machin. Sometimes none as ground meat.

Miso - Japanese condiment made from a paste of fermented soya beans with rice,barley, or wheat grains and salt






Mirepoix - A dice of carrots, onions and celery used to improve the flavour of sauces , as a garnish and in braised and pot roasted dishes. Named after the Duc de Lévis-Mirepoix, created by his chef!

Miroton - A sliced cooked meat dish usually made from boiled beef with sliced onions often in a sauce.

Mise en place - The french term fro pre-preparation in the Restaurant or the Kitchen - where it means the setting out the ingredients and equipment required fro the preparation of dishes on the menu.

Mocha - A variety of strong coffee with a distinctive bitter musky aroma - a variety of Arabica

Moist heat cooking - Adding liquid during preparation to create steam. Improves tenderness of less tender cuts. Examples include braising and stewing.

Mortadella - A mild smoked sausage from Bologna, Italy, the city that brought us "bologna" sausage. Made from finely ground beef, pork, cubes of pork fat, and seasonings. Mortadella often has Pistachio nuts or Whole Peppercorns added.


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Offal - The general term for parts of an animal other than Meat (muscle tissue).This includes internal edible parts of animals especially organs and glands andalso extremities such as feet, head, tongue and tripe. see Recipes: Faggots, Braised Liver & Onions, Hot Salad of Chicken Livers, Duck Liver & Chilli Salad

Orzo - A form of pasta which is sometimes called "barley" it resembles rice and comes in various sizes grains. More associated with greek cookery than Italian. Cook in boiling salted water or stock.




Olives - are the small oval fruit of the olive tree. The fruit ripens from green to black; the flesh encloses an oval stone and is the source of olive oil - the fruit stoned or stuffed is used as an appetiser and as a flavouring and ingredient in dishes. Originating in the eEast the Olive was consumed by both the ancient Egytians and Greeks and was spread in its cultivation to all Mediterranean regions by the Romans. More recently the low level of saturated fat has made the olive more popular as a healthy and tastier alternative to other vegetable oils.

There are two basic types of olive green and black (ripe). Green olives are harvested before they ripen and treated with an alkali to reduce the bitterness the rinsed and pickled in brine.Black Olives are harvested when fully ripe and are not treated with alkali but are still pickled in brine. Varieties are well illustrated on Chef's Thesuarus

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