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Paella PanPaella - A traditional Spanish rice dish made with saffron, chicken, shellfish and vegetables. It is prepared in a paellara from which it derives its name. Various other ingredients are used to garnish many local varieties of the dish. see recipe

Paella Book

Panada - A paste used to bind and thicken. Made from flour (choux paste), frangipane, bread, potato, or rice, panadas are used in forcemeats, terrines and quenelles.

Pan broil - A quick, dry heat cooking method using a pan on a stovetop. No oil is used and the pan is uncovered. Used for thinner cuts.

Pancetta - An Italian cured pork with spices which is rolled. Pancetta can be eaten raw and is often used as a flavouring agent in sauces, pasta fillings, roasts and vegetables.

Pan fry - A quick, dry heat cooking method using a pan with a small amount of oil. No lid is used. Used for thinner cuts. Also called sautéing.

Parboil - To partially cook food in boiling water before completely cooking by some other process.

Pare - To cut off the outer covering of a fruit or vegetable with a vegetable peeler.

Paris Brest - A ring of choux pastry filled with a cream usualyy praline flavoured and covered with shredded Almonds. The name of this cake comes fromthe route of the Paris to Brest bicycle race on which the original pastry shop was found that produced it. see Choux Pastry and Praline

Parma Ham - The famous sweet italian ham which is dry cured and pressed. It is usually eaten raw accompanied by fruit or delicate vegetables. Parma

Parmesan-Reggiano - The best known italian cheese made in the old Duchy of Parma. It is aged at least two years and makes an excellent cheese for cooking as it melts without running or becoming rubbery.

Pastrami - A seasoned preserved meat made from dry-cured salt beef . The seasonings can include cloves, garlic, cinnamon, ground pepper, red peppers, allspice and coriander seeds. Weel known served as a rye bread sandwich. Pastrami

Pastry Cream- a cream used as a filling for pastry products usually associated with a confectione'rs custard.

Pecorino Romana - Italy's oldest cheese. A hard sheep's milk cheese, it is much sharper and stronger than parmesan and tends to crumble more.

Phyllo (filo) pastedough - A tissue thin sheet of dough of Greek origin made by rolling and pulling a sheet of pliable dough and used to make leaved pastry dishes. It is similar to the softer strudel paste. Phyllo can be made or purchased fresh or frozen. Its best known use is in Baklava but is now commonly used in many other dishes.

PhysalisPhysalis - also known as Cape Gooseberry, strawberry tomato, winter cherry or love-in-a-cage - I don't know why its got so many names! These fruit are originally from Peru, yellow to red in color and often wrapped in its fine wafer thin brown leaves/bladder (calyx). Often used for their presentation value to decorate sweets. The fruit has a pleasant tart flavor and is often used in preserves and compotes, fruit salads, sorbets and ice cream.

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Poblano pepper - A member of the pepper family. The peppers are dark green in color and vary in heat intensity from medium to hot. Dried poblano peppers are called ancho peppers.

Polenta - A cornmeal porridge from Northern Italy. Traditionally made with water in a large copper pot called the paiolo and stirred with a bastone (a wooden baton) then cooled in madia - a round wooden tray and cut up into diamond or squares and then served plain with butter snd cheese, any of a number of sauces as pasta is and braised or roasted meat. Various ingredients can be added during cooking including cheese, vegetables, ham and truffles. There are two main types of Polenta - fine or coarse- they result in different textures in the finished product. see Recipe

Portobello mushroom - A meaty, delicious mushroom usually 4-6 inches wide. For preparation, remove and discard dark gills from the underside of the mushroom cap with a spoon.

Praline - Either asweet consisting of an almond coated with caramilsed sugar or a preparation consisting of crushed Almonds and Hazlenuts that have been coated in caramalised suger. which is used for flavouring ice creams and as a filling in pther seets and chocolates.see Recipe.

Preheat - To set an oven or broiler at the desired temperature 15 to 30 minutes before use so that the temperature is reached before food is put in to cook.

Profiteroles - Small choux pastry buns. They can be either sweet or savoury. Various filling are used such as pastry cream. chantilly cream, jam, ice cream, game purée and cheese mixtures. The word profit meant small gift. see Choux Pastry

Prosciutto - The Italian word for ham, it is used to describe a salt-cured and air-dried ham coming from Italy. The meat is pressed to produce a firm texture, then sliced very thinly. Parma ham is a true prosciutto. "Prosciutto cotto" is cooked ham, "Prosciutto crudo" is raw.

Purée - To mash solid food or pass it through a food mill or processor until it is smooth.

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Q Quail - A small game bird of the partridge family that resembles a small, plump chicken. Known also as "bobwhites" and "partridges." The flesh is white and delicately flavored. Most quail today are raised on bird farms.

Quenelle - A dumpling made of meat or fish forcemeat bound with eggs, fat or a panada. Quenelles are usually shaped into a small egg shape or sausage and poached in water or stock. [back to the top]